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Camp for kids UA 2022

Camp for children UA 2022 

Goal: To provide summer vacation for 100 children who lost one or two fathers during the Russian aggression

Хочу допомогти

We ask for your help and support in our case.


USREOU code: 44772674


UAH: UA023052990000026002006812798

USD: UA653052990000026004046808964

EURO: UA143052990000026007036807819

CHF: UA303052990000026000036802822

GBP: UA743052990000026001016810587



Ukraine Alive 2022 

Charitable Foundation

Ukraine Alive 2022 carries out important projects for Ukraine, the purpose of which is to meet the critical needs of the population by providing monthly packages of basic necessities such as food, clothing and hygiene products, as well as providing psychological and social assistance to children who lost their parents in the war.

Every month we provide more than 5,000 people with the necessary means, and every quarter we hold activities and rehabilitation for children. We also provide hospitals with medical drugs and equipment, as well as provide legal, psychological and psychiatric assistance to victims in Ukraine.

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We have

We have created logistics and coordination centers to help the population and support our state.

We have 200 volunteers.

Management team (50 people)

Processes applications and searches for resources.

A team of drivers (more than 45+) Delivers and ensures the delivery of essential goods

Logistics warehouses in Poland, Lviv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kostiantynivtsi, Myronivtsi

More than 100 cars


Active projects

Ukraine Alive 2022 projects,which we organize throughout Ukraine

Video reports

Video reports of our projects! We work - we help. Thank you everyone for your support!